Operating a Snow Blower Safely: Toro Power Max
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http://pixvid.me/toro2 Learn how to safely operate a snow blower. This safety video was created by Toro for its innovative Power Max line of snow blowers. A full operating guide can be found using the link above. Safe operating rules for snow throwers are described in this instructional video.

The number one rule for operating a snow blower is to stay behind the handles and away from the discharge shoot while operating. Staying clear of the chute while the engine is on is important in order to avoid injury.

Never place your hand in the discharge chute of the snow blower. Toro's Anti-Clogging System helps keep chutes clear, but even if the machine becomes clogged, do not place your hand in the discharge area. Other rules for Snow Blower Safety include wearing proper footwear, eyewear and clothing, avoiding overloading the snow thrower, making sure to clear all objects from the area where the Power Max is being operated, never turning your Power Max on indoors, even in your garage, and never attempting to add oil or to check oil while the engine is running.

For more information visit the link above to review the Toro Power Max training manual online.