Cordless String Trimmer | Toro 48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
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ABOUT The Toro 48 Volt String Trimmer is built for durable, powerful performance that can
handle the toughest jobs without the hassle and maintenance of a gas trimmer. Learn more
about some of the features that Toro has redesigned and built to last, including a 13 inch dual trim line which automatically adjusts, a cast aluminum head designed for maximum durability, an adjustable assist handle, variable speed control that conserves power by allowing the operator to balance performance and run time, and the exclusive Toro battery charger, with storage mode that maintains battery life.

Get the performance of a gas trimmer without the hassle. The new Toro 48V string trimmer is covered by a full 3 year warranty. For more information on Toro's powerful, gas-less trimmer click the link above.