Toro® Power Max® Snow Blower Lineup Features
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Compare Two-Stage Power Max® Snow Blowers from Toro®. The Power Max® snow blower lineup offers powerful snow removal with features such as Anti-Clogging Chute System Technology to save time and maximize clearing efficiency and Quick Stick Chute Controls that make changing the direction snow is thrown easy. With sub-zero materials making up the anti-clogging area, chute and deflector Toro® guarantees qualifying part for life.

The Power Max® Snow Blower is up to 26 inches wide and is perfect for compact, deep snow removal. The innovative Power Max® ACS regulates snow intake and prevents snow throwers from clogging. The impellor speed in Toro® Power Max® snow blowers is maximized for a powerful performance that can take on large snowfalls.

To compare the full lineup of Toro® Power Max® snow blowers and to read customer snow blower reviews, visit the link above.